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2013 Beauty Favourites

I may be phenomenally late jumping on this band wagon as many of the wonderful beauty bloggers I follow have already posted their 2013 makeup must-have but I personally love writing and reading these kinds of posts so I felt that my blog deserved one also.

Last year I tried so many new beauty and skin care products and discovered what have now become firm favorites. I used to feel quite guilty about how large my makeup stash was and tended to keep it hidden in countless drawers and boxes, like some unspeakable obsession I would possibly have to start attending Makeup Anonymous therapy groups for if I ever addressed my perpetual consumption.

However, a curious thing has happened over the past few years insofar as it is now not considered odd or overly-excessive for women to have quite a healthy stash of cosmetics. It is my humble opinion that many women, thanks partly to online tutorials and beauty blogs, are now more willing to try different products and shake up what may have once been a rigid makeup routine. Fancy trying a bold red lip? Then splash out on that Mac Ruby Woo! Finding out that only a perfect balance of two different shades of foundation will do? Then go ahead and buy Nars' Firming Foundation and Mac's Studio Fix! Obsessed with blushers and bronzers? It's O.K that you own twenty of each! Options are what make cosmetics interesting and expressive so yeah, knock yourselves out. And that goes for me too, which I gladly did during 2013.

I've had to be really selective about my chosen hero beauty products because I could list so many but I tried to show some degree of restraint! So read on and marvel at my restraint!

As a fair skinned gal, getting a foundation that has good coverage and is the right shade of ghostly pale has always been as issue for me. However, I've used this foundation for about 6 months now and it's what I reach for most mornings. The coverage is buildable and easy to blend and it doesn't settle into my pores, which is always a plus. The finish is semi-matte I'd say and does require some contouring after application to add a bit of dimension to the face but overall, great product.

A cult beauty product that I now use daily to combat those pesky dark under eye circles. It does tend to settle into the fine lines under my eyes but a dusting of setting powder with a fluffy Real Techniques brush tends to rectify this.

I love this product! My mum actually introduced this full-coverage foundation to me but a slight word of warning, get colour matched! Whilst I was getting colour matched, I was a little sceptical because, for a start, I wasn't the lightest shade and when I saw the color I had been matched with, I was convinced that it would be too dark. I also couldn't see how a powder compact would give me full-coverage without looking cakey or muddy. But this really ticked all the boxes for me. The shade I was given matched my skin tone perfectly and the finish was amazing. On days where I just need an all-over foundation with selective concealing, I use this on it's own but I tend to use it sparingly after applying the DiorSkin foundation, just to set the liquid foundation and give that flawless base. I'll try to do a full review with images of this product in action soon.

No7 Highlighting Star Palette
I've actually had this product for over a year now and I believe it has been discontinued but I only started using it about 6 months ago. Dust over the top of the cheekbones for a subtle highlight and you're good to go! The effect is very subtle and I must admit, I do want to try Nar's The Multiple in Copacabana for a more dramatic highlight but for everyday use, this palette has been perfect.

At only £3.00 each, these Luxe Lip Lacquer's are probably my favourite discovery of 2013. As a frequent admirer of Limecrime's Velvetines, I desperately wanted to try one of these products. However, after reading the allegations against the owner of Limecrime cosmetics, I was less than enthusiastic about handing over almost £20 for one lip product to her. Step in MUA Luxe Lip Laquer's which give a highly pigmented matte finish almost identical (from what I can see) to it's Limecrime counterpart. I sometimes mix the two colours together to give a brighter red shade and it works a treat. I especially love the deep red vampy 'Reckless' shade and actually prefer this color on me to Mac's Ruby Woo. I can't wait to try the other three shades and do a full review in the future.
A second MUA product here, honestly, I love this brand. I feel like I should do a blog post entirely on my favorite MUA products because I have discovered so many that I would buy again from this brand and despite the price (which is ridiculously purse-friendly), the quality is amazing. Admittedly, I don't tend to use the glitter lip gloss side of this combo very often but the neutral peachy shade is a perfect natural lip colour for my complexion.
I am so in love with the formula and staying power of this product and the shade is just all-out vampy glam. I personally love wearing deep wine/burgundy shades and this one did not disappoint. I want the entire collection of Apocalips colours. No, seriously, I do. All 13 of them.
Another cult beauty product last year were the Maybelline Baby Lips. I tend to use this product whilst I'm putting on my foundation, just to hydrate the lips before I apply lipstick and because I always go for red/burgundy shades, the slightly red wash of the balm is perfect.

Clinique Long Last Lipstick in shade Merlot
Another red/burgundy/wine/vampy lipstick Kate? Really? Yes, really. Not as bold as the Lip Lacquer's, I use this product for everyday looks as the shade is really complimentary to my skin tone and the creamy texture is gorgeous.

The Maybelline color tattoo's were continually raved about by beauty bloggers in 2013 and I'm a sucker for popular cosmetics because so many people can't be wrong can they? On this occasion, they were completely right and the product does everything it claims to do. The colors are highly pigmented, easy to blend (as long as you're quick!) and last all day. I especially love the Bronze shade and use it frequently when creating smokey eye looks or even just on it's own. Bronzey goodness.
My last MUA product on this list is the Gel Eyeliner in black. I've tried so many gel eyeliner's and this tops all of them. The texture is easy to work with and hidden inside the lid of the bottle is a cute little application brush. I do normally use a slanted liner brush when applying eyeliner but the brush that comes in the bottle is great for little touch ups.
I love Dior mascaras and this is my third tube of Diorshow Backstage mascara. When the product is still relatively full, I do have to get rid of some of the excess that comes out on the brush otherwise it can go on a little unevenly. However, once it has been used for a few months there doesn't seem to be as much excess. Just one coat adds length and volume to my lashes and two coats creates a dramatic look. I adore this mascara and haven't found another that matches it in three years.

And those are my 2013 beauty favorites guys! I'd love to hear your thoughts and please do check back soon as I will be doing a 2013 Hair and Skin Care Favorites as well.



  1. The Dior foundation is amazing!! Really want to try the colour tattoos read so many good reviews x

  2. The Dior foundation is just such a great product and the color tattoos are really worth investing in, especially if you like wearing smokey eyes or just want a product that's going to last all day. x


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