Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year's Resolutions? Let's be realistic here.

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It's 2014! I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

As the festivities and overindulgence's of December become blatantly apparent to us in January, many of us decide to make a frantic list of resolutions we are DEFINITELY going to stick to. And there's nothing necessarily wrong with that. Trust me, I go through the exact same process of deciding to join a gym, save money, lose weight, find THE perfect job etc but come February, I might as well have proclaimed that my New Year's Resolution was to build a house made out of matchsticks on the moon -- to anyone who has this dream, you crack right on and good luck to you.

So this New Year, I'm not going to make any resolutions per se, I'm just going to try and make life easier and more enjoyable for myself. And by easier I mean not lose my shit about the smallest hiccups life has thrown at me.

Although 2013 was a perfectly 'OK' year for me, it wasn't fantastic and a number of things didn't quite go the way I'd intended which ended up affecting my self-esteem and confidence. At times, I struggled to stay positive and focused more on the disappointments and calamities than the achievements.

But over the past few days, during this time of contemplation, I came to the conclusion that whenever I feel that way, I need to remember that I can't change things overnight and that small victories should be celebrated. In other words, I need to manage my expectations and acquire a little patience.

The process of making a list of life goals for the year ahead can be an exciting one and when you eventually achieve these goals, the feeling of self-worth and satisfaction is extremely empowering. But many people choose goals that are based firmly in the distant future (such as losing weight, saving up for a holiday etc) and the lack of immediate progress can become disheartening and you are more likely to give up. My advice is to yes, make these future goals, but also remember to celebrate the small victories and limit some of your goals to achievements that can be made in a relatively shorter amount of time such as a week or even a day.

I've made a list for this week. Tomorrow I'd like to go to the museum with Johnny (something that we've been meaning to do for literally months now) and I'd also like to list things on eBay during the evening. Friday I want to go out for a walk somewhere and grab a cup of coffee at a cafe I've never visited before. On Saturday through to Wednesday I want to spend at least an hour a day working on a script I've been writing so that by Thursday I have a finished first draft to start editing the following week. And on Friday, I want Johnny and I to finally go out to ikea and buy two bedside tables. And that's it.

These aren't particularly huge goals but they are things that I have been meaning to do and would feel better if they were done. The most important thing is that they are all achievable and realistic, I can do each of those things by the end of next week if I plan for them. Completing each task will allow me to believe in my ability to plan and execute goals successfully and this in turn will allow me to feel further affirmation towards my future goals and positive towards the likelihood of reaching them.

And for good measure, here's a little smiley face, you can't ever feel bad when you're looking at a yellow ball of smiles.


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